Things 7 & 8

Reference Management Software is the topic this week. Working in my particular business domain, you rarely come across an occassion when you need to cite an article, or book, in your day-to-day activities. My first assignment back in academia was interesting in that although I considered myself to be fluent in the software program Word, … Continue reading Things 7 & 8

Thing 6

Academic media sites is the topic this week. Taking stock of my current, and admittedly limited use of social media, I realise that I seem to partition the various aspects of my life into categories and applicable tool. For example, my personal life is captured by Facebook, my ‘old’ professional life by LinkedIn, and in … Continue reading Thing 6

Thing 4 & 5

Presenting yourself – personal ‘brand’ and social media. Our task for this session was to take a look at what content is associated with our name online. As an individual that has tried to keep out of the social media and personal ‘brand’ game during my professional career, I thought this would be a quick … Continue reading Thing 4 & 5

Thing 1

I joined the group 23 Things Surrey , to explore and improve my knowledge around the digital tools available to me not only as a PhD student, but as an aspiring professional in the field of research. As an individual that has been working in the business world for many, many years, I am familiar … Continue reading Thing 1